Ruthann Olsson designs and creates custom decoration for your home and clients.

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“Creating rooms of livable beauty for everyday living” is the passion of my professional life for 24 years. Following an education in the fine arts I spent many years as an easel painter. When I began working with interior designers, to provide painted decoration for their clients, I realized that my skill with color and design was adaptable to the styling of home interiors. In love with architecture and employing color to enhance, enlarge and beautify interior space, I become a vision partner collaborating with my clients to help them achieve what they desire. My goal in styling personal space is to balance the architecture with color, concept, scale and functionality, while working with the client, architect and tradesman to capture the individual dream.

Noted designers for whom I have provided painted decoration are Peter Marino, Thierry Despont and with great pleasure, John Saladino. It is from my experience working with top designers, that I present the INTERIOR ARTS COLLECTION. The three areas of custom decoration represented are: The PAINTED SHADE, The PAINTED RUG and ARCHITECTURAL TROMPE L’OEIL Cornice & Frieze Bordering.

Wearing the two hats of designer and creator of custom decoration sets me apart as an interior designer and allows me the ability to present a broad spectrum of options to my clients.



Classicism is the heart and soul of my philosophy. Creating a nurturing and sensual environment for everyday life is my purpose. To my mind the best interior design is derived successfully from the ancient idea that simplicity means ‘expressing the most by saying the least.’ Our interiors exude a powerful influence on our personal health and happiness. With respect, my role is to listen carefully, in support of the idea that trends are constantly changing and good design is timeless..

Ruthann Olsson